About Our Hearing Center Family

Fluke Hearing Instruments is a family-owned business. Bill Fluke has been in the hearing industry for over 20 years. He founded Fluke Hearing in 2004 with his son and vice president, Trever Fluke, and has since expanded to 15 locations. Fluke Hearing takes pride in their customer service. Not only do they strive to help patients hear better, but have made a commitment to providing the care and attention desired and deserve. The helpful and knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions you have on your journey toward better hearing.

Bill Fluke’s Mission
I’ve dedicated myself to improving the lives of the hearing impaired. Patients that struggle to hear in a restaurant can listen with ease and clarity.Helping them stay in the conversation and connected to friends and family is what matters to me.

Hearing Centers providing Hearing Aids and Tests throughout Michigan
Fluke Hearing Instruments is proud to provide patients with compassionate treatments and solutions to address their everyday hearing healthcare needs.

As licensed hearing professionals, staff has undergone thorough coursework and hands-on training to fully understand all aspects of hearing loss, hearing testing, new hearing aids, hearing aid repair, and hearing aid service. We participate in continuing education to stay current with today’s rapidly advancing digital hearing technologies, as well as refining our fitting skills and techniques.

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