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Do you answer “yes” to any of the following questions?
Do you have difficulty understanding people in groups?
Do you often have to ask others to repeat themselves?
Do friends and family members complain that the TV is too loud?
Do you hear, but not always understand?
Do you feel people mumble or speak too softly?
Have your friends and family expressed concern about your hearing?
If yes, you should schedule an appointment for your free hearing evaluation.
This number is rapidly increasing, but currently one out of ten Americans have hearing loss.
95% of Americans with hearing loss could be helped with the use of hearing instruments. However, only 22% of these individuals currently use them. I think we have to be careful with wording here because of the confusion (myself included) regarding amplification devices and hearing aids etc.
Fluke Hearing Instruments provides comprehensive hearing evaluations as a complimentary service to the community. We feel that everyone should be able to take that first step towards better hearing healthcare.
We are willing to work with your insurance. Fluke Hearing employs a full-time medical biller who is available at your initial appointment to check the availability of benefits, date of eligibility, and approximate payout amount.
Yes! We work with Wells Fargo and Care Credit. Speak with your hearing professional about applying.
If you have been fitted with a custom-molded hearing instrument, allow 7-10 business days for delivery. However, recent hearing instrument technology has come out with a new design called “Open Fit.” We carry some of these particular instruments in stock, so you can walk out the door with your new hearing aid!
For any clients whose health or mobility prevent them from traveling to our office, Fluke Hearing will be happy to make an in-home visit. Fluke Hearing is insured and bonded for in-home visits. Please inquire for details.

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