Bluetooth compatible devices – Imagine listening to your television, music and telephone right through your hearing instruments. This technology is available in our Bluetooth compatible devices.

Roger System – a personal directional remote microphone capable of transmitting from 30 feet away. Perfect for meetings and lectures.

Our TV Link system allows you to listen to your television through your hearing instruments, allowing everyone in the room to listen to the television at a comfortable level.

Warranties are offered on all of our products. At the end of the warranty you will be notified by mail on how to extend the warranty for the upcoming year.

Dehumidifiers are available in all of our offices. These products assist in removing all the moisture in your hearing instruments.

Cleaning kits are also available in all of our offices. The kits include tools essential to keep your hearing instruments clean and running.

TV Ears – Dedicated TV headphones that provide full listening enjoyment for you without significantly increasing the TV volume.

Batteries are available for every model. We have options to purchase a package at a time or a discount when a battery club is purchased. Testers are also available to monitor the life of your batteries.

Hear Clears/ Wax Guards help prevent wax from getting into your hearing instrument and disrupting the sound you receive. Available for all models.

Caption Phone – Enjoy the ability to read the captioning of the call you’re on, so you don’t miss a thing. We have phones available at no charge, please inquire at your next appointment. *Requires high speed internet.

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